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Spotlight On: Paul Chernik

Paul Chernik P.Eng, General Manager

Paul Chernik profile photoMy name is Paul Chernik, and I am the General Manager. For the past 11 years I have worked with the ERCE Group in London as we have grown from a small boutique firm, into a multinational consultancy. In my role as an Executive Director of the Group, I am thrilled that we, as an employee-owned company, have committed to the Energy Transition through the formation of ERC Evolution.

At ERC Evolution, we will continue the ERCE tradition of technical and commercial excellence. I am excited about working with, and for, people from a variety of industries who all face the challenges of minimising our carbon footprints as we conduct business activities. This will require building new energy sources, reducing the carbon intensity of business activities, and finding ways to store CO2.

I recently completed an EMBA at the University of Cambridge. While there, I met business leaders from all industry types and sustainable business models was a key focus of the group. While volunteering as a guest lecturer at Royal Holloway and as an advisory board member with EU Horizon research initiatives, I have seen a similar attitude amongst the research community and from new graduates. People new and old to the workforce share a similar mindset. Energy must evolve.

I have been lucky to have varied international experience. My earlier career was in Canada and then later in the UK. Through ERCE’s international reach, I have had the chance to work on assets and with people across Africa, APAC, Europe and the Americas. As energy and emissions are global challenges, I expect that ERC Evolution will continue to leverage that international understanding of geology, engineering, fiscal and regulatory systems to aid our clients.

I look forward to the opportunity to share with you my experiences in engineering design and execution, M&A, project finance and independent third-party analysis. And we, as an organisation, look forward to working with the innovators, project developers and other stakeholders who are leading energy transition activities.