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GHG Verification and Validation

Verification of GHG inventory provides an independent assessment of the emissions and emissions management for the reporting year. Regulatory Verification is essential for participating in cap-and-trade systems or establishing carbon tax liability. Use voluntary verification to prepare for future regulation, demonstrate transparency and commitment to reducing emissions and ensure data quality.

Validation provides an independent assessment of your project emissions in the future, and your plans to mitigate them. Use voluntary Validation to differentiate yourself from competitors with your low lifecycle emissions business, or to demonstrate to stakeholders your plans for improvement.

Our multidisciplinary team includes CSA certified, ISO 14064-3 GHG emissions verifiers and validators with experience in oil and gas, energy transition and industrial emissions. In order to ensure independence, impartiality and confidentiality we undertake verification and validation in accordance with ISO 14065 principles and using an ISO 9001 quality management system. We can only provide GHG inventory verification or validation if we haven’t been involved in preparation of the GHG inventory. We use an impartial evidence-based approach for verification and validation.

ERC Evolution staff are CSA trained and certified in Corporation Inventories, GHG Mitigation Project and GHG Validation and Verification. ISO training also enables us to evaluate projects using the GHG Protocol, as the two organisations have a MoU for cooperation between the standards.
ERC Evolution staff are also have experience with the IPIECA Petroleum Industry Guidelines for Reporting GHG Emissions and emissions from iron and steel production and power generation.

The following process is followed for verification and validation.

  • Pre-engagement to agree type of engagement, level of assurance, objectives, criteria, scope and materiality threshold
  • Verification/validation team selection
  • Proposal and order placement
  • Verification/validation planning
  • Execution of verification/validation activities including evidence gathering
  • Completion of verification/validation activities including preparation of verification report
  • Independent review
  • Issuance of the opinion

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