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GHG Inventory Assurance and Advisory Services

It’s important to know where you are and where you are going.


But it’s also important to be able to explain your plans to others.

Emission frameworks provide a means of understanding your emissions and mapping out how you plan to mitigate them. They also provide a mechanism to have your views independently audited and the results communicated to stakeholders.

Verification of emissions provides an independent assessment of what your emissions are today. Verification is critical for reporting to stakeholders, participating in cap-and-trade systems or establishing this year’s carbon tax liability.

Validation provides an independent assessment of your project emissions in the future, and your plans to mitigate them. Use Validation to differentiate yourself from competitors with your low lifecycle emissions business, or to demonstrate to stakeholders your plans for improvement.

Whether you are thinking about implementing a new Greenhouse gas inventory system, setting out your climate action strategy, identifying or implementing emissions reduction opportunities, or looking to have inventories audited, we are ready to help.

Our team has certified ISO 14064 verifiers and validators, who also keep up to date with other guidelines including the IPIECA and ARC method. We are ready to provide the independent expertise you need.