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Geothermal Energy

Why wouldn’t we use a natural source of almost endless energy?

By taking advantage of the Earth’s internal heat, geothermal plants offer the potential for a resilient and continuous energy supply. This energy can be used for direct heating, electricity generation, or both. Furthermore, technological advancements mean geothermal energy can supply this baseload heat or power almost anywhere in the world. With increasing focus on decarbonisation and capital availability for green energy, is this the geothermal decade? 

Geothermal takes advantage of skills initially developed for oil and gas. These skills include subsurface evaluation, drilling safe wells, building topside facilities and installing turbines. As such it faces many of the same risks and uncertainties as oil and gas.

We are specialists in quantifying subsurface, facilities and commercial risks, which help investors and lenders to make informed investment decisions.

If a project is at a stage where outside investment is needed then we are here to help, whether you are a developer or investor. Understanding the heat resources and risks associated with geothermal projects is challenging. Geothermal projects can vary from district heating projects in relatively shallow aquifers, through to enhanced geothermal systems in deep seated granites. Therefore, each assessment requires a bespoke approach.

Through our in-house expertise, close ties with universities, and broad network of expert associates we can quantify these uncertainties to help you make informed investment decisions.