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Carbon Capture and Storage


The clearest path to net negative, to restore the Earth’s balance.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has a key role to play in net zero ambitions. It is a proven carbon reduction technology which companies are using to decarbonise their own operations, or the operations of others. The increasing role of carbon offsets and carbon taxes in the fight against climate change is providing commercial frameworks around which CCS can now be built. Furthermore, CCS can play an integral part in the push to develop blue hydrogen as a fuel of the future.

Our staff have the experience and expertise to help companies and governments from the early stages of project development right through to the advanced stages of appraisal and operations. Our skills in evaluating the subsurface, combined with our experience of negotiating point emitters into clusters means we can evaluate the full value chain of CCS.

Have you only just started considering CCS and are wondering what is possible? Then we can discuss with you the global state of play of CCS and which regions we see particular growth opportunities. After selecting a country or area, we can undertake a regional screening study to identify suitable point emitters and subsurface sites for CO2 injection. Once a site is chosen, we can build geological and dynamic models to appraise plume development and and give confidence to site selection. If you have these models already in place, then our experienced auditors can review these models to give confidence to your management or your investors.

Communicating your plans to stakeholders is key. ISO 27914 and ISO 27916 provide a system to demonstrate in a structured manner how you plan to operate your sequestration project. The SPE SRMS provides a framework to explain the risks, uncertainties and path to commerciality. These tools have their place in internal and external stakeholder engagement, and we are ready to help you utilise either or both.